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N-iso-nerds, Gordon Conference 2011

Men at work
Tobias,Böhlke and Smith discussing strategy – Cape Cod experiment

Danielle sampling at Cape Cod
Danielle sampling – Cape Cod experiment

liquid N2
Big science

Electron micrograph diatoms
Electron micrograph of the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana harvested from a laboratory culture by MARN 4001 students in 2014.

Valco injector, Pal autosampler
Autosampler injector

Sea ice Bering shelf aboard USCG Healy
Sea ice on the Bering Sea shelf

Nerd Halloween

Lija Big Science
More Big Science

NABOS expedition

russ ice breaker
Russian ice breaker

CTD recovery aboard the RV Endeavor – Gulf Stream N fixation experiment
                      Nitrate on the eastern Bering Sea shelf
                Sampling by the heaters